Preparing for your 3D Property Scan

3DMaine provides the latest innovative immersive virtual reality scanning technology which showcases property in its entirety to potential buyers in the market. To ensure we deliver our services to the highest quality, please read the checklist below.

1. Clean up

Rule of thumb – How you view a room is how it will be featured in the 3D Tour. In order for us to deliver the greatest results, it is important your property is clean and tidy. WE CANNOT REMOVE THINGS AFTER YOUR SCAN.

2. Items to be removed

– Washing baskets
– Toys
– Shoes on the floor
– Magazines
– TV remotes
– Valuables
– Remove all un-styled elements (e.g. shampoos, razors, etc.)
– Close toilet seats
– Pets/animals removed or restrained
– Do not hide items – remove them from the room

These objects add unnecessary clutter to your property, which is reflected in your 3D Tour. If you would prefer a room not to be featured in the 3D Tour, please remember that we cannot add it in at a later date. Once a scan is complete, it’s impossible to return and add a room.

3. Overall presentation

The most effective method to showcase your property is achieved by presenting your furniture, floorboards, and fixtures as you would for an open inspection. Please ensure the list below is completed prior to our 3D technician arriving on the day for the greatest results.

– House lights and lamps on
– Curtains and blinds open
– All internal doors open

4. Stay out of frame

Our 3D scanners rotate 360 degrees unlike traditional cameras and it captures everything it sees (if you can see the scanner it can definitely see you). We ask that any residents present on the day cooperate with the 3D technicians to help them deliver the greatest results.

If there are small children present, please ensure they are supervised during the 3D scan process. It is crucial that you inform the 3D technician immediately if you or anyone has walked past the 3D scanner.  While we are able to blur faces upon request, we are unable to delete or remove any images once the 3D technician has left your property.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us

5. Insurance Documentation

Most of 1-4 apply, except you should have your valuables visually available for the scan.  The appointment will be set and we do prefer you to be onsite during the entirety of the scan.  We will provide you a password-protected link to your Virtual Tour, and give you the option to leave the address anonymous.