In a highly visual field, the use of 3D is giving interior designers the opportunity to streamline their process through a unique partnership of companies

The ability for someone to visualize their vacation is instrumental choosing where it will take place.  As described in a recent article, Matterport 3D is enabling the visualization of furnishing vacation rentals for interior designers as their property owners offer an updated look to the potential clients who might fill them. The program, as part of a partnership between vacation rental company Vacasa and online home good retailer Wayfair, gives vacation homeowners direct access to designers from across the country.

With Matterport, designers can do things like create floorplans and check measurements, which has “allowed us to be really digital and quick in the design and programming and planning phases,” said Kimberly White, Vacasa senior director of design services.

View this gallerly of vacation spaces and navigate the immersive experience yourself

Over the past year, the program has been in pilot mode which included around 60 homeowner projects and 160 multifamily projects. Those initial results showed an increased average maximum rental occupancy of 12%, with some participants seeing an increase in revenue of more than 20%.

“The Matterport tours … we couldn’t scale without it, because designers in Portland can’t often do site visits” – Kimberly White, Vacasa senior director of design services

This combination of companies, specialties and technology has allowed this first of its kind program to be executed at a scale that offers a key differentiator from other vacation rental platforms. Access to a host of filters coupled with a 3D space that’s accessible from anywhere makes the professional outfitting of these properties remotely possible.

Capturing a complete, immersive and accurate view of a space is integral to the Matterport experience. This same type of experience is also important to travelers who aim to live like a local.

In staying true to this mantra, Vacasa has made sourcing local artwork through this project of “extreme importance to the integrity of any design,” says White. In addition, the company also plans to hire designers from throughout the company’s top markets, helping to ensure designs are entrenched within the community where they exist.