Considering using a virtual 3D tour to promote your company?

Google Business View, Google Street, Street View | Trusted, and now Google Street View… if it’s Tuesday, Google must be changing the name of one of its marketing platforms. By any name, Google Street View’s virtual 3D tours may give your business a visibility boost like nothing else could.

There’s the old cliché about a picture being worth a thousand words, and 360-degree photo tours may just be worth even more. That’s because when it comes to interior design, home remodeling, and other home services, sharing a virtual tour of your showroom could transform your business. Think about it: realtors have been offering virtual tours for years with huge success.

Retail businesses can also benefit from sharing virtual 360 tours by showing off their shop space. Why wouldn’t you show off your best products to your potential customers? Even better if that 360 tour is tied into Google, right?

Even companies with successful online marketing campaigns can enjoy a boost in business by posting virtual tours. There are lots of ways to do virtual tours, and many types of businesses are perfectly suited to them. And you may not have considered the potential SEO boost of adding a virtual tour to your online marketing tools. Here’s what a virtual tour 360 can mean for your SEO performance.

It’s Google Street View on Steroids

Google has many tools and products that are indispensable for savvy entrepreneurs. Most online marketing efforts revolve around optimizing with and for these tools in one way or another. From your website to your social media accounts, tying it all back to Google is a smart tactic. Google Street View is one of those vital marketing tools that can transform your company’s marketing.

Google Street View offers browsers a 360-degree view of your retail space. In other words, they can see what is in your shop without even leaving their couch. Seeing your store for themselves can help them decide where to target their shopping time and money.

What About the SEO Boost?

Because Street View is a Google product, the virtual tour of your business can easily be added to your Google My Business account photos. This will increase your visibility on Google Maps, Search, and Google Plus.  And as you know, anything that gets Google to send more people your way is a good idea.

Benefits of having a 360-degree virtual tour on Google Street View

There are good reasons a broad range of businesses consider 360-degree virtual tours to be the latest and greatest marketing tool to come from Google. Just a few benefits you’ll enjoy when you hire a Google-Trusted Photographer, beyond the SEO perks:

  • Virtual tours help your prospective customers get to know, like, and trust you – quickly.
  • They’ll feel more comfortable when they visit in person because they’ll already know what to expect.
  • Your business will get an automatic boost in ranking on Google’s various platforms (in many markets, anyway)
  • That 360-degree virtual tour will work for your prospective customers, no matter what devices they use to research your business before calling or coming in.
  • Odds are good that your competitors aren’t using a virtual tour in their marketing… yet. You’ve got a head start and a competitive edge over everyone else, for now.

Power Up Your Local Marketing with Google Street View

Local marketing is where it’s at these days. Getting more people in your area to make a purchase with you is the ultimate goal. More visual forms of marketing have enjoyed a recent bump in popularity and usefulness for online marketers. Virtual tours combine Google’s reach with the visual component prospective customers love. That’s why adding a virtual 3D tours to your marketing tools is a smart move.